Review: Into the Realm of Time

5 out of 5
The descriptions are so vivid you can see, heart, feel and almost smell everything. Before I knew it I was past part one, and not ready to put the book aside for even a brief break.

Check This Out: Those Under The Hill

This second book in the Glennison Darkisle Cases delves deeper into the hostile Lovecraftian world of Darkisle, where nothing is quite as it seems….

Snow Dust and Boneshine

Caught between fire and water and flesh and fantasy, Fawna follows her heart and ventures into uncharted territory.


A teen outcast must work together with new friends to keep her family and town safe from murderous Fae while also dealing with panic attacks, family issues, and a lesbian love triangle in C.M. McGuires’s kick-butt paranormal YA debut, Ironspark.

Review: Dystopian Dawn

Perfect for fans of The Walking Dead and Z Nation, this exciting tale of courage, danger, and zombies will have you turning pages.

Review: Mainely Money

4 out of 5
Langdon seems to have a knack for picking up the cases where nothing is as simple as it seems.