Review: Grave New World

Grave New World

Down & Dirty Supernatural Cleaning Services #1

by Kate Karyus Quinn, Demitria Lunetta, and Marley Lynn

Sometimes you have to play dirty. 
I’m Paige Harper and I clean up supernatural messes. But my personal life is something I can’t seem to straighten out.
I accidentally married a fae, and even though we’ve been divorced for years, Jax still manages to land me in hot water. Like, putting my house on the table at a high stakes poker game type of hot.
Now, he’s been arrested for murder and the cops want to pin a series of vampire killings on him. I don’t know if he did it or not. But I do know he needs to be at that poker game or else my house is gone.
In order to get Jax out, I turn to Nico, a one-eyed werewolf private detective, for help. Nico is a handsome, dangerous, ladies man and I have no intention of falling prey to his charms.
Although, that’s easier said than done as the two of us begin crawling through the dirty underbelly of the supernatural world…
It’s a good thing I brought my broom.

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Review: The Lonely Vampire

The Lonely Vampire

Paranormal Fairy Tale

by Ann Greyson

This fairy tale style novel is about Ileana Vladislava, a vampire who flees Transylvania in 1578 in the midst of a vampire witch hunt and reestablishes herself in Newcastle upon Tyne, a city in Tyne and Wear, England. Hundreds of years later, Ileana lives out a lonely existence in Wightwick Hall, a castle within the Jesmond Dene woodland valley. When Ileana sees the young and beautiful Myrna Ivester at a public library, there is something about her that sets her apart from anyone else. She decides to take a risk and transform Myrna into a vampire believing it is her destiny. With the impending threat against the vampires by Claymor, a vampire hunter in the form of a grudge bearing werewolf, the war between good and evil finds a new battlefield in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Review: BloodLaw


Urban Noir Fantasy

by Blaise Ramsay

Former ADA Alastair Maddox pursues Prohibition Chicago’s most dangerous monsters after witnessing the deaths of his parents and grandparents as a boy. When a former colleague in Chicago PD comes to ask Alastair for help, he comes face to face with the mysterious Alexandra DeLane. But something’s off. DeLane is way too calm and her eyes are the color of blood. After she escapes, Alastair goes on the hunt only to find himself the prey of an ambitious and mysterious mob boss who plots to have him murdered. The problem? Alastair doesn’t stay dead and comes back as something else. Something more dangerous and straight out of a horror novel.

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Review: Knight in Paper Armor

Knight in Paper Armor


by Nicholas Conley

Billy Jakobek has always been different. Born with strange and powerful psychic abilities, he has grown up in the laboratories of Thorne Century, a ruthless megacorporation that economically, socially, and politically dominates American society. 
Every day, Billy absorbs the emotional energies, dreams, and traumas of everyone he meets—from his grandmother’s memories of the Holocaust, to the terror his sheer existence inflicts upon his captors—and he yearns to break free, so he can use his powers to help others.
Natalia Gonzalez, a rebellious artist and daughter of Guatemalan immigrants, lives in Heaven’s Hole, an industrial town built inside a meteor crater, where the poverty-stricken population struggles to survive the nightmarish working conditions of the local Thorne Century factory. Natalia takes care of her ailing mother, her grandmother, and her two younger brothers, and while she dreams of escape, she knows she cannot leave her family behind.
When Billy is transferred to Heaven’s Hole, his chance encounter with Natalia sends shockwaves rippling across the blighted landscape. The two outsiders are pitted against the all-powerful monopoly, while Billy experiences visions of an otherworldly figure known as the Shape, which prophesizes an apocalyptic future that could decimate the world they know.

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Review: Belonging


Erica Murray Mysteries #3

by J E Nice

‘…we are the wise women of this town and we shall not let this evil in.’
Erica Murray is falling in love.Rick, the time travelling detective and her future husband, left her behind so it made sense to fall into the arms of charming and powerful fae, Alfie.
Her best friend, Jess, is in love and couldn’t be happier.Their paranormal investigation agency is starting to take off, the love of her life has moved in and she’s sure the nightmares will fade soon.
They should have known it couldn’t last.
Rick is back and he needs help.Then Jess discovers she has a gift she has no control over.
All of which will have to wait when they discover the dark shadow lurking inside Jess’s four-year-old daughter’s bedroom.


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Check This Out: Darkness Rise

Darkness Rise

Young Adult Fantasy

by Carynn Bohley

A city where magic is banned. A girl with a dangerous secret. A journey begins…Sospes is the only magic-free civilization in Mysticus. People with supernatural abilities—known commonly as wielders—are banished upon discovery.
Kydessia Swift, daughter of the current mayor and descendant of the city’s founder, has a secret: The forces of nature are hers to command.
Following a betrayal, Dessie finds herself being cast out of the only home she’s ever known. Now vulnerable to the wild creatures beyond Sospes’ border, she must journey to the one place she knows where she’d be accepted.
But the trees have been whispering of a rising darkness. Peace might not be as easy as she thought.
Will Dessie’s path lead her into danger, or will she reach her safe haven?

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Review: The Parasite From Proto Space

The Parasite From Proto Space


by Brett Petersen

A parasite from Proto Space, summoning memory eaters, funeral machines eating teenagers, space rides to Pleroma, and a frog baby that transcends time and space. These are just some of the stories that will warp your sense of reality until you’re living in Brett Petersen’s mind and you won’t want to leave.


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Cover Reveal: Kill Order

Kill Order

A Secret Life of Anna Goode Short Story

by Nicole Nadeau

A father’s revenge. A son’s mission. And an order that will tear him in two.
Nineteen year old Ivan Komarov is far from normal. He’s spent his whole life training to help his father carry out his revenge. But when he finally has the chance to prove himself, it’s not what he expects.
Ivan is given a task: kill an innocent woman. As Ivan prepares to pull the trigger, his desire for his father’s pride falters.
Can he really take someone’s life?
Kill Order is the prequel to Death by Midnight, the first entry in The Secret Life of Anna Goode series. If you like antiheroes, suspense, and internal battles, you’ll love Nadeau’s short young adult thriller.

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Review: A World Fallen

A World Fallen


by Nicholas Lawrence Carter

The disease ruined the world… The infected stalk and kill… Surviving is all that matters…
A disease turns those infected into violent drones and destroys society, now the virus has adapted–the infected can speak and deceive. Trust is a risk, but to protect her child, Rosaline must join some unique survivors, or continue to risk death.
The world is normal, then it’s not. Markus, his wife Kylie, and their toddler son flee their home in an attempt to escape the reach of the disease. Young Rosaline and her adopted son encounter a unique group of survivors that have managed a quiet life amid a world of murderous infected. Jack, his husband Norman, and their friend Daisy rescue a sick and deeply troubled teenage boy. Karo, the wanderer, banished from the last known safe city, encounters people who restore his faith in humanity. As the disease surges, trust disappears. Can humanity be saved after a fall?


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Review: Hallowed Falls

Hallowed Falls

Paranormal Romance

by Jessica Yeun

Hazel Plumeria, a descendant of one of the most prominent fairy families in history, has never known life outside of Luna Valley. Her sister, Leah was born a fairy but a couple of years ago she decided to give up her wings and take the Enchantress elixir. Hazel has always known that life in Luna Valley was never enough for Leah. Even Hazel has begun to feel that way lately, but she never thought anything of it. Until one day, Leah asked Hazel to move to Hallowed Falls with her. Their mother, Fleur had always told them stories about the historic town of Hallowed Falls where the old Plumeria estate still stands. It was a magical place where all supernatural beings had originated from and once thrived.

As soon as they arrived at Hallowed Falls, they meet the new head housekeeper, Lucinda Griffin. They soon learn that Lucinda is actually their cousin and was an agent of the Aster Elites, an elite agency dedicated to protecting all supernatural beings. One day when the body of a local fairy was discovered outside a cave near the town’s cemetery, suspicions arise that a century old vampire, Marco Alexander has returned and has a thirst for fairy blood. The sisters quickly learn that life in Hallowed Falls, which once was a safe haven for all magical beings, holds more than just an old family estate in a small town.


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