Review: Behind the Mirage

Behind the Mirage

Mythologic Fantasy

by Katharine Ann Melton

The king of Avalon has assigned Lex the most important job of her life: enter modern-day Greece and assassinate Zeus to stop him from destroying mankind.

As if killing Zeus wasn’t hard enough, Lex has to juggle an unwanted marriage proposal from the king, the threat of war, and the most earth-shattering realization of all: Zeus was responsible for her parents’ murder. Lex travels to Greece consumed with revenge and hell-bent on destroying the god who stole her parents from her.

Things get even more complicated when she crosses into the human realm. She’s not the only one hunting Zeus, and is confronted with uneasy alliances, vengeful gods, unsolved murders, a shockingly personal prophecy, and the occasional malevolent portal to another world.

Each dust-up leaves Lex with more questions: Why does the king really want Zeus dead? Which powerful entity is trying to rekindle an ancient war? Why does Nathan, her smoking hot demon lover, seem so familiar? And just whose side is Hades on, anyway?

As the betrayals pile up, Lex shakes off the various forces trying to manipulate her for their own cosmic ends, freeing her to learn the truth about her shadowy past and either join the battle…or walk away for good.


5 out of 5

I’m sitting here trying to find the words to describe this book. The imagery is so vivid, it’s like stepping through a portal and watching the story unfold. You can’t help but immediately love Lex. She’s so relatable despite, you know, not being even remotely human and juggling things that I don’t think I could. This is a fae, mythology, and action packed story. There are twists I never saw coming, and I didn’t want to put the book down. I cannot wait to see where this series goes!

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About the Author

I grew up in Northern California and moved to the Washington DC metro area about 13 years ago. When I am not searching for new locations for my books, I am spending time with my friends and family. My book Behind the Mirage is the first book in a new series.