Review: Mainely Money

Mainely Money

Goff Langdon Mainely Mystery #3

by Matt Cost

Langdon is a laid back, slacker detective, happy with his work, friends, and way of life in the town of Brunswick, Maine. To complement his income in Brunswick’s scarce private detective market, Langdon also owns and operates a mystery bookstore.

“I’m being blackmailed with intimate pictures of myself with someone who is not my husband,” Senator Mercer said to his back.
Then he is hired to investigate the blackmail of a US Senator.

“You heard the OPK struck again in Portland last night?”
Then he is hired to prove the innocence of an immigrant from Burundi framed for murder.

Langdon gulped and stepped back. He felt as if he was cheating on his wife, but his eyes wouldn’t mind their own business.
Then he is hired by the beautiful Delilah Friday to find her missing sister.

Russian gangsters. Spooks. Serial Killers. Powerful interest groups. Blackmailers. Langdon, with the help of his friends and family must piece together these disparate items and solve the case that is threatening his way of life. And then they take his daughter.

It is not just another day in Brunswick, Maine. Langdon has entered a world where money rules.


4 out of 5

Langdon seems to have a knack for picking up the cases where nothing is as simple as it seems. Money is power, and there’s plenty of both in this newest addition to the series. Three separate cases…or are they? Life is never dull in this small town, especially when politicians and mobsters are in play. It was great to see the return of characters we know and love. This is a page-turning book with plenty of twists and turns, as well as a touch of humor. Perfect for mystery lovers who like a little cheek in their reads.

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About the Author

Matthew Langdon Cost has wanted to be a writer since age eight. “I Am Cuba” is his first traditionally published novel. He has also self-published another work of historical fiction, “Joshua Chamberlain and the Civil War: At Every Hazard”. Encircle Publications will be publishing his Mainely Mystery trilogy over the course of the next year: “Mainely Power” is due out in September, “Mainely Fear” in December, and “Mainely Blackmail” in May of 2021. Over the years, Cost has owned a video store, a mystery bookstore, and a gym. He has also taught history and coached just about every sport imaginable. He now lives in Brunswick, Maine, with his wife, Harper. There are four grown children: Brittany, Pearson, Miranda, and Ryan. A chocolate lab and a basset hound round out the mix. He now spends his days at the computer, writing.

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