Review: Blood Red

Blood Red
by Robin Rance

Natalia Darling was looking forward to spending her honeymoon in a modern-day castle with her new husband…
I needed to pee, so I waited for my maid of honor, to return from whatever she was doing, and help me find a larger bathroom stall. I wore my wedding dress, and my nervousness wasn’t going to let me wait until after my ceremony.
I could almost imagine my future husband standing in his finest suit waiting for me at the altar of one of the most prestigious churches in this city. And if Willow didn’t get here soon, I’d have to hunt for the restroom on my own or spend the entire ceremony dancing from side to side, in these heels.
That does it, I’ll find one myself, and Willow Jackson, you had better have a good explanation for not being here when I need you most…
And apparently she did, her hand was down the front of my husband to be’s dress pants, in the ladies room, in the back of the church, and once I stepped inside, they both tried to explain.
But how do you explain that kind of betrayal?
I’d scheduled the time off from work, I had the reservations for Castle Cozy in my purse, and I had a new outfit to wear every day of the week. Why shouldn’t I go ahead with our – correction my plans, and spend the time reflecting over what had gone wrong.
My plans were going great until I remembered that I hadn’t charged my phone earlier. So, after using the remainder of my charge on GPS, my cell died, and I got lost, in the middle of a blizzard, while searching for the castle.

Serhan Gorky…
I kept myself hidden in my small, modern-day castle in the Adirondacks. It was modern compared to my family’s castle in, Kaliningrad, and small was an understatement. However, it was mine and had been for nearly one hundred years.
I had to leave my home, and family behind. I was tired of being called a monster, and a bloodsucker. And the deciding factor had been when my wife betrayed me with my twin, and I couldn’t get past that.
The woods surrounding me were abundant with wildlife, and though I knew I’d occasionally miss the taste of human blood, I could survive on the blood the animals would provide.
I was comfortable here.
I had everything I needed.
Until her scent permeated the air.
Follow Natalia as she discovers a world full of the monsters her father read to her about at night. But these monsters didn’t want to play nicely.

5 out of 5

I loved this book, and I can’t wait to read book two. The opening grabbed you from the start, a betrayal of epic proportions on Natalia’s wedding day leads her right to Serhan. Not your typical vampire (but not sparkly either), Serhan is unique and intriguing. I love that Natalia just decided to go on her honeymoon alone. There are some twists I wasn’t expecting but just made the story better. Now I’m off to find out what happens next in book two. Make sure you grab both and start readiing!



Robin is married but spent twenty-two years as a single mother of five before she married her current husband. She was a letter carrier for twenty-four years and is now retired from the postal service. She lives in the heat of Arizona where she loves to write her stories and the stories of others.

Robin Rance began writing after a reoccurring dream kept making an appearance. She wakes up regularly with other stories begging to be told. Robin generally writes contemporary romance but also has written other genres including inspirational romance, fantasy historical romance, and a WWII historical Mystery/Romance book as well. She finished her first children’s book about anti-bullying and recently released her second book about friendly monsters at play.

Robin currently has nineteen books that have been self-published and is working on releasing five more this year. She’s got a crazy imagination and a lot more stories to tell. If you enjoy her books, please remember to leave a review and recommend her to your friends and family members who love to read.