Review: Blood Red II

Blood Red II: The Curse
by Robin Rance

Natalia should have been married and living in the lap of luxury, with her fiancé, Greg… Shoulda, woulda, coulda – except, Greg was gone – not her fault. Instead of sipping on wine in the Sim’s luxurious dining room, Natalia was searching for a place for her, her sister, Lainey, and her kind of vampire mother to live. As far as Natalia knew, they had escaped unnoticed from the demons who were after them, Although, if it were up to here, she would have remained in Serhan’s safe room, and…who was she kidding? Natalia was guilt-ridden, frantic, and worried to death – not literally, she hoped, over their current situation.Serhan hesitated only for a second, before tearing his servants head from her body, after she facilitated, Natalia’s escape… If he hadn’t handled it, his brother, Sergei, would have made the girl suffer – not that he, Serhan, hadn’t thought about it. However, with his mother, father, and that self-righteous Baldaev Isopov standing behind his back – gloating, Serhan had done what any self-respecting, betrayed vampire would do. Natalia was gone. She took Lainey, her mother, and Serhan’s broken heart with her. She wasn’t going to escape him, nor would he allow anyone to go near her, once she was found. Not until he made Natalia, his. 

5 out of 5

If you read part one, then like me, you were dying to know what happens! This is a great continuation of a story that captured me. Vampires, demons, and demigods oh my. Love, dark secrets, and revenge all come into play. You’ll be captivated and won’t want to put this down. Perfect for those who love paranormal romance with a twist – just make sure you read book one first!



Robin is married but spent twenty-two years as a single mother of five before she married her current husband. She was a letter carrier for twenty-four years and is now retired from the postal service. She lives in the heat of Arizona where she loves to write her stories and the stories of others.

Robin Rance began writing after a reoccurring dream kept making an appearance. She wakes up regularly with other stories begging to be told. Robin generally writes contemporary romance but also has written other genres including inspirational romance, fantasy historical romance, and a WWII historical Mystery/Romance book as well. She finished her first children’s book about anti-bullying and recently released her second book about friendly monsters at play.

Robin currently has nineteen books that have been self-published and is working on releasing five more this year. She’s got a crazy imagination and a lot more stories to tell. If you enjoy her books, please remember to leave a review and recommend her to your friends and family members who love to read.