Update – Week of Jan 11

We Survived 2020!

Honestly, that feels like an accomplishment right now. It’s been a rough year, and the first week of 2021 certainly came in with a bang. I’m writing this curled up on my couch with a unicorn stuffie held tight, wondering what else 2021 has in store for us. But I’m not making this post to get into current events.

If you follow my other blog – The Faerie Review you might have noticed it looks a bit different. Earlier this year it was migrated from Blogger to WordPress and more changes will be coming down the pipeline. We’ve adjusted how we schedule things, and Lys will be doing more reviews and special features this year.

As for me, in 2021 my goals are:
– Settle down and focus more on writing and finish the first draft of two books
– Read 150 books (follow my reading here)
– Crochet a blanket
– Post on this blog at least once a week
– Reduce my sugar intake
– Exercise more