Review: Lleydrin


Young Adult Sci-Fi Adventure

by J.B. Moran

Like most fifteen-year-olds, Kier enjoys gravityball, starship simulators, and pranking his little sister. Unlike most fifteen-year-olds, he’s the crown prince of a small planet.
Then Devcorp arrives. The intergalactic giant has a history of ravaging worlds and assassinating stubborn rulers like his parents.
Kier’s initial plan—punching Devcorp’s ambassador in the face—might not do the trick. Perhaps the legendary rangers could help… if his dad hadn’t banished them to a dragon-infested jungle.
Kier’s adventures soon lead him to a marooned space pirate and a scrappy slum girl, but not everyone is what they seem. He’ll have to stay alive—and decide who to trust—in the quest to save his homeworld from Devcorp’s jaws.


5 out of 5

Lleydrin will take you to a far off world. I really enjoyed reading this. I loved that we got glimpses of the past in between the current story. There are strong and quirky characters, an evil corporation that has “ambassadors” and a very real threat to the lives of not only the royal family, but those who live on the planet. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in Kiel’s quest to save his parents and the planet from Devcorp’s jaws, that it’s a little jarring when you come back to Earth. Highly recommend for those in search of a sci-fi read that isn’t too heavy.



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