Review: Crash My Heart

Crash My Heart

Paranormal Romance

by Payne Craven

Love Hard. Stay Strong. Save Them. Endangered Mates!
Seraphina Moon is the last white rhino shifter. Orphaned when she was a child, she was sent to live with a crash of black rhinos for safety, but even they don’t know what she truly is. When she was old enough, she left the Crash behind and moved to Seattle to become an event planner.
But even the best events can get off course when a little romance drops in the picture, and Jaime Fierce, a matchmaking librarian, is set on matching the beautiful Seraphina with the mate of her dreams.
Tantanka “Tank” Oxendine, a hunky bison shifter, is looking for his mate, and his friend Jaime Fierce is only too happy to find the perfect woman for him. He just never expected the event planner in charge of his “Save the Endangered Animals Fundraiser” would be the woman his matchmaker picked out.
Not everything can be scheduled though, and when a known poacher crashes Tank and Seraphina’s party, all hell breaks loose.
Can Seraphina and Tank find a way to stop Richter before he places them in his collection, or are their species doomed when looking down the barrel of a poacher’s scope?


4 out of 5

Crash My Heart is unique in a wonderful way. First, I love that these are endangered species shifters. Seraphina is amazing and you fall in love with her at the start. Tank is sweet, strong, and determined. I hated Richter immediately. He kind of makes your skin crawl, but he adds an element of thrill and suspense to this beautiful romance. Highly recommend if you like shifter romances and are looking for something a little off the beaten path.



About the Author

About the Author:Payne Craven is a poet and a paranormal romance writer. Her books have Sexy and badass shifters that are not your average animal. They are all endangered or extinct animal species. She lives in the Pacific Northwest on a Horse Ranch, in a mini home that her husband built. Spending a lot of time at home, she is surrounded by love from her handsome husband Tom, sweet daughter Wynter, and their four rescue cats. Payne is also a licensed hairstylist, and esthetician. When she has free time, Payne enjoys cooking with her daughter, playing games, crafting, and reading. Payne is a nerdy, geeky goth at heart. Zombies and bright green are a few of her favorite things. In fact, she loves zombies so much, she had a zombie wedding. How awesome is that?