Review: Damned If You Don’t

Damned If You Don’t

LGBTQ+ Fantasy Romance

by Hairann

All Erabus ever wanted was to stay out of his brother’s way, to let him become king after their father, and spend his life hunting in the forest outside the kingdom. That all changes when he uncovers the plot to kill his father. Erabus will do whatever it takes to save him, even forming an alliance with a strange ally named Xicuz—an incredibly gorgeous satyr he met in the forest.

If things aren’t complicated enough, Erabus soon finds himself tangled up in a deal with a devil that puts the lives of the people closest to him in danger. He learns that sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and makes a deal of his own—one that will save the love of his life, but forfeit half of his own to do so.



4 out of 5

Damned if You Don’t will captivate you from page one. I absolutely fell in love with Erabus and Xicuz from the moment they met. Despite the animosity between their people, they start off with friendly banter, and a bit more trust than I was expecting. More sweet than thrilling, this story will captivate you nonetheless. I do wish I could’ve spent a little more time exploring their world and getting to know them better, but that’s just because I was sad to leave them all behind.



About the Author

Hairann is the author of the Outlaw Seven series. She is an out and proud Pan who lives with her amazing family in Montreal. She’s worked as a ghostwriter on Fiverr since 2018 and has an Associate’s degree in early childhood education. She invites you to follow @AuthorHairann on Twitter.

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