Review: Special


Science Fiction

by Chino Chakanga

From super speed to telekinesis,everyone in Hope’s world has special abilities. Through ill fate, she is born without any. Her peculiar case is a medical mystery which warrants comprehensive research and countless visits to the hospital.

Hope undergoes painful tests and unorthodox treatments to cure her of her unique condition and make her normal while grappling with the pitfalls of being different at school and leaving in the shadow of her multi-gifted younger brother.

Will Hope ever gain abilities? Is there a place for her in a world where great emphasis is placed on special abilities?

Special is an abstract look at the pressures of meeting the societal mould.



4 out of 5

Special is a powerful story of finding your way. It can be hard to be a kid or teen, especially when you’re different from everyone around you. In a world where everyone is extraordinary, being normal is the worst thing for someone to be. Hope is struggling with being so different, feeling like a disappointment, and generally being an outcast. A story many can relate to, young or old, and one I highly recommend.

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Playlist for Special

Note: (H) is for Hope’s scenes while (A) is for action sequences. The rest are for the general atmosphere of the book.

“Everybody’s Changing” by Keane (H)
“Weirdo” by KT Tunstall (H)
“Miracle Drug” by U2 (H)
“Looking UP” by Paramore
“Bully” by Lissie
“Royal Pain is Monologuing” by Michael Giacchino (Sky High Score) (A)
“That Could’ve Been Messy” by Michael Giacchino (Sky High Score) (A)

About the Author

Chino Chakanga is the author of Special and The Hunter and the Oracle epic.

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