Review: Deadly Weapon

Deadly Weapon

Jake Wolfe #5

by Mark Nolan

In Alaska, a lethal threat is unearthed from the frozen ground. Near Maui, a shipwrecked submarine holds a frightening secret, and on the California coast, war veteran Jake Wolfe races against time to uncover a conspiracy.

When a master plan emerges that has the potential not only to threaten Jake’s city, but to kill off targeted populations around the world, Jake embarks on a desperate search-and-destroy mission in order to protect the lives of everyone he knows and cares for. His target? A group of rogue operatives planning mass murder.

With assassins on his trail, and the clock ticking, Jake must trace the path that will finally bring him face-to-face with the psychopathic genius who wants to remake the world.

Deadly Weapon is part of a series, but may be read as a stand-alone novel.



5 out of 5

Deadly Weapon is the perfect fall thriller. I have to admit, part of the reason I love the Jake Wolfe thrillers is his faithful sidekick, Cody. There’s never a dull moment, and Jake and Cody are in a race against the clock to save the world. If you’re looking for something that will get your heart racing (and doesn’t involve a cardio class at the gym), then you’ll want to grab this latest intallment in the series.

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About the Author

Mark Nolan is a “Marine Dad.” His son served as an infantry Marine with deployments to Afghanistan. Mark also raised a daughter who can set up a camp in the forest, make a fire, and shoot a rifle to hit a bullseye. Mark and his family love dogs and they raised a super smart Golden Retriever. Born near the sea shore, Mark has enjoyed boating, fishing, scuba diving and exploring in Florida, Mexico, California, Hawaii, etc. All of these life experiences have influenced the plot lines, characters and locations in his stories. If you like dogs, boats, ocean beaches, and action movies … you’ll probably enjoy reading Mark’s books.

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