Review: Those Under the Hill

Those Under the Hill

The Glennison Darkisle Cases Book 2

by Mark N Drake

It’s May 1922 and a visitor from Darkisle presents Jack Glennison with a case that will pull him back to the island. A doctor reports that a young boy has disappeared without trace from the family farm. Any hopes Jack had that this might be a regular missing person case soon evaporate in the unseasonal heat of a Darkisle spring. Why haven’t the boy’s parents raised the alarm? What is the source of their unexplained wealth? And what links the uncanny events that have happened recently on nearby Slee Top hill?

As Jack’s investigation takes him across the island, he realises that if he thought he knew just what Darkisle could throw at him, he was sadly mistaken. For Darkisle holds more ancient magical secrets than he ever expected. And some secrets are best left buried.

This second book in the Glennison Darkisle Cases delves deeper into the hostile Lovecraftian world of Darkisle, where nothing is quite as it seems….


4 out of 5

If Jack thought Darkisle was in his rear view mirror, he thought wrong. A missing child presents Jack’s latest challenge, with mysterious parents that didn’t report that their child was gone. With his usual determination, Jack faces down both men and monsters as he follows the clues. A page-turning mystery that draws you into the mysterious world that exists within the pages. A brilliant follow up to book one and I hope to see a book three in the future!

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About the Author

Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I’m a new British author of Lovecraftian Horror fiction. Pleased to meet you!

I suppose you could say I’ve come to writing by an indirect route. I originally trained as a physicist before doing defence research for the RAF. After a few years of blowing things up, I changed career and went into Higher Education management. I took some time out to be a management consultant for a while before returning to Higher Education in a new role. And, finally, I found the time to start writing properly.

I’ve always harboured a dream to be a writer, but study, role playing games, rugby league and career always conspired to distract me. But at last, after a number of false starts and failed attempts (boy, I hope my early sci-fi efforts never see the light of day…) I am now in a place where I can bottle up a few decades of ideas and get them down on the page.

For the moment, I’m developing my fictional location of Darkisle, an overlooked island in the Irish Sea. It’s a place that outsiders generally avoid, where the locals mutter darkly in their own language and where ancient cosmic horror is never far below the surface. If you like Lovecraftian fiction, I really think you will enjoy my take on it as you explore 1920s Darkisle with me.

Originally from Derbyshire, I now live in County Durham with my family. When not working, I can usually be found in my shed, perusing my collections of Lovecraft and Iain (M) Banks books while trying out ideas for new stories and/or games.

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