Review: A World Fallen

A World Fallen


by Nicholas Lawrence Carter

The disease ruined the world… The infected stalk and kill… Surviving is all that matters…
A disease turns those infected into violent drones and destroys society, now the virus has adapted–the infected can speak and deceive. Trust is a risk, but to protect her child, Rosaline must join some unique survivors, or continue to risk death.
The world is normal, then it’s not. Markus, his wife Kylie, and their toddler son flee their home in an attempt to escape the reach of the disease. Young Rosaline and her adopted son encounter a unique group of survivors that have managed a quiet life amid a world of murderous infected. Jack, his husband Norman, and their friend Daisy rescue a sick and deeply troubled teenage boy. Karo, the wanderer, banished from the last known safe city, encounters people who restore his faith in humanity. As the disease surges, trust disappears. Can humanity be saved after a fall?



4 out of 5

A World Fallen starts off with a bang. The action scenes unfold like you’re watching a movie, and you get so wrapped up you forget where you are for a little. The characters were so real I felt like I could easily step into their world and talk to them. All I can say is don’t start this too close to bedtime or you won’t get any sleep. You’ll be too busy reading!



About the Author

Nicholas Lawrence Carter is an author, publishing his books through Amazon. He has started a short story series, titled The Flame of Novera, that he publishes for free on Wattpad.
Nic previously wrote for 2or3ThingsIKnowAboutFilm, a film discussion website. He wrote a weekly column as well as film reviews and essays.
An avid science fiction lover, Star Wars is his favorite pop culture fixture of all time. He is also a massive comic book fan and reader. He cites both of those as huge influences on his writing. He’s a gamer playing on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. He generally enjoys sprawling, engrossing single player stories as well as MMORPGs.
Nic frequents Twitter, so be sure to follow him and catch his insightful and amazingly witty tweets! (Don’t do it, he’s the worst.)

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