Review: Sting Magic

Sting Magic

Empire of War and Wings Book 1

by Sarah K.L. Wilson

She has the wrong kind of magic but the right kind of heart.
In the Winged Empire, magic comes on swift wings.
It manifests from its bearers in the form of a bird, granting skills to those who wield it.But this year, things are different.
Aella is the fiercely determined daughter of settlers on the far edge of the Winged Empire. Her huge family means everything to her and when the Empire strips them of their weapons, leaving them defenseless against the deadly magic that surrounds their settlement, she feels powerless to help. Unfortunately, her frustration comes out in the worst way possible – as abberant magic.
When Aella’s magic manifests, it doesn’t come as a bird. It arrives as an angry swarm of bees. And that abberation will threaten her life and everything she loves. Can Aella keep her family safe by learning to control a magic born of frustration and fear before it masters her instead?



4 out of 5

Empire of War and Wings is a gripping read. I really enjoyed the characters in this, and the plot had enough twists to keep you guessing and turning the pages. The pacing wasn’t as even as I would’ve liked, but it’s made up for by the interesting story and starring characters you either love or hate – there seems to be no in between. Overall an enjoyable read and promising start to a new series.



About the Author

USA Today bestselling author, Sarah K. L. Wilson writes young adult fantasy books about little people in big worlds who face the darkness and don’t back down.Sarah hails from the rocky Canadian Shield in Northern Ontario – learning patience and tenacity from the long months of icy cold – where she lives with her husband and two small boys. You might find her building fires in her woodstove and wishing she had a dragon handy to light them for her.

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