Review: Melody Finch

Melody Finch

Middle Grade Eco Fiction

by Ian Boyd & Gary Luck

Melody Klomp is a plucky 12-year-oldfrom Charleville, Queensland, with an endless curiosity about nature and an unbreakable bond with her beloved Nanna Bell, who lives in the Coorong, South Australia. On the day Melody finds out that Nanna Bell plans to sell her cherished riverboat because of the devastating impacts of the drought on the Coorong, a mysterious thunderstorm passes over Melody’s farm, turning her into a bird; a diamond firetail finch.
Melody Finch then begins a magical outback adventure, travelling along Australia’s inland rivers, trying to reach Nanna Bell to tell her that big rains in Queensland will save the Coorong. She meets many wonderful birds, frogs, seals, and even a platypus, that help her on the journey and teach her how to work together to survive the impacts of drought and other environmental challenges.
Melody Finch is an eco-fiction chapter novel for middle-grade readers about the hardships of drought in Australia’s Murray Darling Basin, as seen through the eyes of its native wildlife.



5 out of 5

Melody Finch is a great story with a lesson wrapped inside. There are a lot of environmental issues facing the world today, and this is one great way for kids to learn about them. Filled with a great cast of characters and amazing animals, this is an enjoyable read for kids and adults alike.

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About the Author

Ian Boyd‘s previous career as a gardener and landscape designer instilled in him a passion for everything outside beneath the sun. His strange obsession for seeing life through an animal’s eyes began with a copy of Watership Down which sat on his bedside table through much of his youth. 

Gary Luck is a wildlife ecologist with nearly 30 years experience studying Australian native animals. He and partner, Gayle, now own a farm in Tasmania which combines forest conservation with sustainable food production of homemade breads, jams and fruit pastes.