Review: A Small Matter of Ethics

A Small Matter of Ethics by Lauren Hall Ruddell 
Peony Creek Mysteries Book 1
Cozy Mystery
A dead eco-warrior. A gas developer suspect. An autistic farm worker. Life has gotten a little derailed for Laurelyn McNamara, owner of Bad Aspen Farm in the picturesque mountain town of Peony Creek. When a farm intern turns up dead on a mountain trail, Laurelyn happens to be first on the scene. She suspects foul play, and she isn’t wrong. But she is sure that the police have the wrong guy. With the help of her best friend, an undercover agent with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and their mutual pal, a local vintner and wife of a local cop, Laurelyn untangles a web of passions, intrigue, and social justice, while still running her farm and learning to love again. With cowboy, rancher and mystery man George Trojan at her side, Laurelyn finds the courage to take risks, follow her instincts, listen to intuition once again, and find joy in unexpected ways, people and places.
4 out of 5
A Small Matter of Ethics is a great cozy mystery. First, how can you not love Laurelyn right from the start? She’s smart, strong, and keeps fighting even when life hits a few speed bumps. The characters are believable and the story moves at a good pace. A nice book to curl up and read with your favorite cup of tea.
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About the Author:Lauren Hall Ruddell became interested in animals of all kinds as a child at the San Diego Zoo. Many family members were longtime zoo employees and so it was natural for her to be at the zoo before, during, and after zoo hours most summer days. As a teen she became very involved in horses and hiking. She was able to combine these two passions with a B.A. in Parks and Recreation Management and a minor in zoology. While studying for this degree she worked in the children’s zoo section of the San Diego Zoo as a keeper and educator. After several years as an endangered species biologist and environmental planner in California, she relocated to the Colorado Rockies.

Now, many years later after receiving a Ph.D. degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism with a specialty in wildlife management, conservation is still a driving passion, along with international travel.

Every year or two, she goes to Ireland to work with the Old Irish Goat Society and to hone her writing skills in the solitude of a wild Atlantic way retreat. She just finished her debut historical fiction novel that takes place in that same area.

She personally answers all fan mail sent to
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