Going on at The Faerie Review Nov 30, Dec 1 and 2

5 out of 5: Serpent Rising is a globe-trotting adventure.
4 out of 5: Small Things and Great is a new perspective on the legends of King Arthur.
4 out of 5: Summer Warrior is strong and wonderful.
5 out of 5: Birth of the Fae is a magical read.
5 out of 5: Yuletide at Moonglow is a great way to get in the holiday mood this year.
5 out of 5: The Mathematical Investigations of Dr. O and Arya will make math fun.
3 out of 5: Blood Magic is interesting.
4 out of 5: The Gift starts off with a bang.
4 out of 5: Tor is a refreshing new fantasy.

New Release: Blind Spots

Blind Spots: Why Students Fail and the Science That Can Save Them Education Non-Fiction by Kimberly Nix Berens, Ph.D. In the United States, a majority of students graduate below proficiency in all academic subjects. Parents of struggling students feel overwhelmed and confused about how to help their children simply survive school, let alone succeed. VariousContinue reading “New Release: Blind Spots”

New Release: Hard Cleft

Hard Cleft Unofficial Legends of the Secret World #5 by Blodwedd Mallory Wedd is seeking a sword. The sword.The sword that can start wars and end them.The sword that can break worlds or mend them.The sword that calls out to the living and the dead.Having confronted cosmic evil and discovered what she thinks is theContinue reading “New Release: Hard Cleft”