Review: Beginning of the End

Beginning of the End
G J Stevens

Sixteen-year-old Jordan dreams of excitement, hoping something would happen to make his tiny Cornish village more interesting. During his school holidays, left by himself with nothing but pixelated zombies on the Xbox for company, he wishes for a life where the adventures are real.

Then one morning, he gets more than he planned for when, unexpectedly, a mysterious affliction descends, sending his brother and the rest of the village into a murderous rage. Despite his panic, Jordan finds temporary sanctuary, shutting himself in a cupboard to await rescue. Soon the sirens come, but quickly fall silent and no one arrives, leaving him no option but to fight against his fear or face dying by the hands of the infected villagers.

Once out of hiding, the joy at seeing soldiers with guns soon falls away when he realizes they’re not there to save him but to eliminate the risk of the disease spreading. With a huge new wall erected around the village where he’d grown up, can Jordan conquer his fear that the soldiers are hunting down everyone, not just those that are infected? Can he summon the courage to fend off those who had been his family and friends, those who have lost all sense of being human? Can he get out to the safety of the big wide world before the same fate falls his way?

5 out of 5

What’s the old saying? Be careful what you wish for? Jordan definitely learns that pretty quickly when his wish for excitement is followed up by a full zombie-style outbreak in his hometown. I’d have to say this was definitely a thrilling read, and had me turning pages. It was short enough to be read in one sitting, and it felt a little weird to return to the real world after being so wrapped up in Jordan’s story. His determination to survive and escape the soldiers with Tommy was admirable. A great novella that hints at a promising series.

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GJ Stevens started writing fiction at the age of thirty. His fast-paced thrillers are the culmination of many years of finding time from nowhere to learn the craft.

His fiction is often referred to as a refreshing break from the norm, whether it’s his apocalyptic creations, spy-thrillers or his twist on everyday life with just one difference, there’s something for everyone who likes to be kept on the edge of their seat.

Whilst working to independently publish and make a success of his novels, Gareth lays bare his publishing journey through his blog, drawing together advice and knowledge from those already in the industry.

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