Check This Out: The Goblin Pitcher

The Goblin Pitcher
by Paul Lonardo

The one thing eleven-year-old Jake Lupo loves more than anything else is baseball. However, despite his father being a professional pitcher, Jake’s fear of failing has kept him from competing against children his own age. When his father, who has recovered from a serious arm injury, is invited to pitch for an independent team, Jake and his parents move to Pine Barrows, a far flung forested mountain outpost. Jake is excited about his father’s chance at a comeback, but he soon learns that he is not the only one in Pine Barrows who loves baseball. Goblins love to play baseball, too, and Pine Barrows happens to be chock full of them. Then Jake discovers that the region is occupied by two factions of warring goblins.

Seeking to take control of the goblin kingdom, the leader of the evil goblins kidnaps Jake’s mother and bans baseball, a game which itself is a natural source of power for the goblins.

It turns out that Jake has a secret kinship with the legendary beings, and he is the only one who can save them, their kingdom and his mother. However, Jake must believe in himself and play a winner-take-all game against the best goblin players in Pine Barrows.

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THE GOBLIN PITCHER official website is now live. Visit for more information about the spring release of the book and to check out the cover design.

THE GOBLIN PITCHER is intended for ages 7-12, but all kids will love this story, especially if they love baseball.

What I’m really excited to announce regarding this fantasy/adventure book is that it features art work by 9-year-old Avery Palmer. Avery provided sketches for the hard cover edition of the book.

I have authored both fiction and nonfiction books in a variety of genres, from true crime to romance. As a freelance writer, I often collaborate with individuals to help them write and publish their biographies, memoirs, or to tell of a particularly compelling personal experience.

I studied filmmaking / screenwriting at Columbia College – Hollywood, earned an A.S. (Mortuary Science) from Mount Ida College and a B.A. (English) from the University of Rhode Island.

I live in Lincoln, RI with my wife and son.