Review: Shadow of Twilight

Shadow of Twilight
Fated Darkness Series Book 1
by Heather Smith

From the moment Amelia’s mother was brutally murdered, her father made sure she knew to never reveal the secrets of her lineage and the powers that it possessed. But no one warned her of what would be unleashed when she met her fated mate. When she shakes Alpha Gabriel’s hand, Amelia knew right away that he was her mate, and dread quickly set in.

Once they completed their bond, Amelia begins to receive dreams, warning her of an attack. An old enemy is lurking in the shadows, watching as she matures into the wolf she is destined to be, but can she figure out who he is and how he’s connected to her past, or will she be too late to save her pack, her family, and her mate?

The nightmares are only the beginning as a new wave of powers overwhelm her. It’s a battle of wills, hearts, and minds, with their lives on the line, and Amelia must decide what she’s willing to give up.

4 out of 5

I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to see where book 2 goes! Amelia has an amazing fire within her, and I love how fated mates are no longer a given, but viewed as more of a fairy tale now. The mystery of Amelia’s family’s past and who was waiting in the wings wanting to cause her harm along with the spark between Amelia and Gabriel kept me turning pages. I think one of my favorite parts of the story was watching Amelia grow, mature, and evolve as a character. I would’ve liked Gabriel to grow and evolve a little more as a character, but overall I really enjoyed reading this book.

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Heather Smith has been crafting stories for as long as she could remember. It wasn’t until she was fifteen that she wrote her first novel that she had no intentions of publishing. Let’s just say it was a knock off of Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer….and yes she threw it away. (cringe) At nineteen she wrote her first completed manuscript that is still a work in progress, but will soon turn into a four-book series. Since then, she’s worked on countless other projects and is constantly writing down new plot ideas. Yes, her minds a mess.

When she isn’t writing about fantastical worlds, she resides in Hudson, Florida. She is a mother of four; Carolynn, Aiden, Evelynn, and Cameron. She enjoys curling up on the couch with her favorite author Cassandra Clare, drinking hot tea, playing in the pool with her kids, and dreaming of new worlds to explore. She has a small obsession with all things Disney. Tattoos, she can’t seem to get enough of and as well as ball pythons. Yep, she’s a snake mom to Voldemort, Bellatrix, Snape, and Dobby. Her snake collection is ever growing. But, most importantly, she is addicted to Barqs Root Beer.

Heather is a self-published, indie author.

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