Review: Scribbles of the Mind

Scribbles of the mind
by Elie N. Azar

This book is for all the people who found themselves unable to share their emotional burdens with the people they care about.

To the people that weren’t able to give justice to their feelings, and to the fire running through their veins.

To the ones that got so insecure, that the words of those around them became the bricks of the walls they built around themselves.

I hope my book will make anyone who reads it feel less alone, less isolated and okay that they are unable to set free the chaos going inside of them so it won’t cause any destruction to them, or to the other person.

It is okay if our feelings didn’t set foot where we want them to.

Don’t let anyone dim your light. Remember that what you are and who you are makes you beautiful.

5 out of 5

The words, the pictures, the illustrations all combine to make this a unique experience. I felt such a range of emotions. It was like getting a peek inside Azar’s mind. If you’re looking for a unique collection of poetry that is an art itself, then you’ll want to grab this book.

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My name is Elie Azar, the N. in my profile stands for my father’s name, Najib.

I am 27 years old, born and raised in Lebanon, I currently work as a financial reporter and I am a licensed (non – active) CPA from the state board of accountancy of the state of New Hampshire.

To me, writing is a safe space where I can freely express myself and let my emotions be.

A place where I forget my own gender, age and race, a place where my heart is the only boss.

Throughout the course of my life, writing has been my coping mechanism, writing about people and things that happened with me, and how I wish things could have been, gave me this sense of power and freedom.

Every time I write, I feel like I broke the chains of my chaotic silence.

I hope you give my book, “Scribbles of the mind”, a read.

My book is available in both formats, e-book and paperback, on all of Amazon’s online kindle stores, as well as Kindle Select and Kindle Unlimited.

You can check some of my favorite book extracts on Pinterest. My username is elienazar.

I hope that you will be able to relate to it somehow, and I am positive you will.

Thank you for you support and for your feedback.

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