Check This Out: Made of Pixels

Made of Pixels

A story of irreparable loss

by Gabriela Marin

A story of irreparable loss. A new memoir that will take you through a plethora of sensations and feelings. A true life story that starts in the “ghettos” of old 1970 Bucharest and paints a very interesting portrait of that specific time when communism was still present. The story is not afraid to deliver the truth and it’s doing it by telling the author’s experience as it happened even though it’s not easy to digest every time. The memoir’s scope is to walk you through the lifestyle of that time, it’s a very unique story that has a bit of mystery, comedy, drama and romance. Miss Gabriela narrates an easy to read book with lot’s of meaning, find out how two girls struggled to live a normal life before and after communism.



About the Author

Born on 24 September 1969, avid reader since childhood. Graduated the local Chemistry Highschool.

I am a Romanian, middle-age woman and I live in Italy now. I have three children and I’ve been working in the video chat industry for almost twenty years.

First of all, I consider myself a strong woman who assumes the imperfections and errors caused by circumstances or inherent in age. I am a mother; I’m engaged and I worked as a webcam girl.

I wanted to share with others the events in my life, the good ones but also the terrifying ones.

Made of Pixels is my first book and in the first volume I talk about everything I lived in my early youth, under the communist regime of that time in Romania. In the second volume of my book I will approach very openly the subject of video chat from my perspective as a veteran model and professional trainer in this field, as well as the circumstances that led to this choice.

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