Review: Minivan Warrior

Minivan Warrior: The Odyssey Begins
by Jessica Chanese

Alex Reyes is a mid-thirties mom of three, living in Upstate New York and negotiating the everyday juggle struggle of working parenthood – until her daughter’s eighth birthday party unexpectedly devolves into surreal chaos.

The birthday girl, Anya, wields impressive magic no one knew she had, precipitating an attack by demonic minions and the arrival of the Blake siblings, an enigmatic trio fated to protect Anya, and other children like her, from Dark forces.

Alex is determined to do whatever is necessary to navigate her new reality and protect her family from unimaginable threats. At the potential cost of her marriage, the career she loves, and everything familiar to her, she and her children abandon ordinary suburban life to prepare for an impending battle between Light and Dark.

While Alex and her family acclimate to the magical world and their newfound companions, darkness is gaining traction on earth. A powerful demon with a link to the Blakes’ past sets a plan in motion to tip the universal balance in favor of the Dark. Strange happenings, like the meteoric political rise of a polarizing reality TV star, could have devastating consequences for humanity.

Whether confronting demons or wrestling with her conflicted feelings for Lucien, the eldest of the Blake siblings, Alex must come to realize her power lies in being exactly who she is, in all of her flawed, minivan-loving glory.

Minivan Warrior: The Odyssey Begins is the first book in the Minivan Warrior Trilogy. Laced with humor and pop-culture references, it swaps the typical young, single urban fantasy heroine for an average suburban mom thrust into the intersection of motherhood, magic, and a stranger-than-fiction reality that looks an awful lot like the one we’re all grappling with outside our own front doors.

Rating & Review

5 out of 5

This book absolutely starts off with a bang. Such an unlikely heroine, yet such a brilliant one. The title of the series (and this book) is very apropos. At first, I was thinking, there’s no way that this overworked mom is going to be the one to save the world. But it quickly became apparent that there’s more to Alex than meets the eye. I giggled, I held my breath, I lost myself for hours in these pages. I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series, as I’ve grown pretty attached to the quirky cast of characters in this book!

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Jessica Chanese is a speculative fiction writer living in Upstate New York with her husband, two forces of nature masquerading as children, and their two dogs. Her short stories have been featured in Black Hare Press’ Lust and Envy anthologies, Verse of Silence literary magazine, and Cloaked Press’ Fall into Fantasy anthology. Minivan Warrior: The Odyssey Begins is her first full-length novel and the first book in the Minivan Warrior Trilogy. Minivan Warrior: The Odyssey Begins is a fun, fast-paced contemporary fantasy blended with women’s fiction, starring a suburban mom, a minivan, and demons.

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