Check It Out: The Last Shadow Knight

The Last Shadow Knight
by Michael Webb

On the unforgiving streets of Karad, Veron grows up hungry, inexperienced, and stealing just to survive. After tragedy strikes, he is forced to decide what path his life will take.

Opportunity arises when he discovers the last survivor of a secret organization called the Shadow Knights. Apprenticed to learn their ways, Veron begins to develop abilities he never dreamed he could have.

Meanwhile, an enemy from across the mountains comes to destroy their kingdom’s way of life, and the Shadow Knights are the only ones able to stop him. As Veron fights to survive the city, he prepares to face his destiny.

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Michael Webb is a fantasy author who lives in Georgia, northwest of Atlanta. A graduate of Berry College, he is married and has a son. He began writing on a whim in 2019 and fell in love with it. In addition to finishing The Shadow Knights Trilogy, he plans to write additional books.

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