Review: The Ultimate Magic

The Ultimate Magic
Iman’s Journal #5
by Emily Flowers

What started out as a fantastic journey has turned into a fight for survival.

Now that Iman and Troy are stuck in the Wizard Garden, they must find their way back home before they’re killed by the dark forces there. Once Iman’s magic is strong enough, she manages to open up a portal, but it’s the wrong portal, which gets them into further trouble. Confused about how they ended up in such a mess, they start blaming each other and wonder if their love will be able to survive this ordeal.

The test of love continues as Iman and Troy finally return to the earthly realm to find that evil pervades Grandpapa’s mansion and a huge battle is awaiting them. The chief wizard’s life is in jeopardy and in a desperate attempt to save him, Iman may have to sacrifice herself and Troy.

Now that Iman and Troy have come this far, will they have their happily ever after?

Rating & Review

3 out of 5

This definitely goes on my list of books with great opening lines (I know this is a short story, but my point still stands). The fairies were cute and very Disney-esque. A very good-versus evil end to a series that started with falling in love. I won’t spoil the ending, but it was my favorite story out of the five!

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Emily is a true believer in magic and that is why she is passionate about writing fantasy romance. She is also obsessed with such paranormal phenomena as levitation, déjà vu, spook lights, the sixth sense, time slips, mysterious disappearances, and astral travel. She spends at least one hour meditating each day to communicate with her guardian angels so that she can come up with great story ideas.

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