Review: The Wizard Garden

The Wizard Garden
Iman’s Journal #4
by Emily Flowers

The Wizard Garden is easy to enter but can be difficult to leave.

With Iman and Troy’s wedding being a month away, Iman’s grandfather has hired Jarrod, the best wedding planner in his eyes, for them. Jarrod is not only a wizard just like Iman, but also a hot guy. As Iman works closely with him, she secretly develops feelings for him.

Meanwhile, since Iman’s grandfather suddenly suffers from an odd disease, she has to travel to the Wizard Garden with Jarrod and bring back a healing flower for him. While Iman is totally fascinated by the fairies, rainbows and spectacular plants in this dreamy place, little does she know the dangers that lie ahead of her …

Once again Iman is made to confront the evil. Who is she going to battle with this time? Will she be able to return to the earthly realm alive? Will she and Troy have their happily ever after?

Rating & Review

3 out of 5

OK – you knew from the start there was going to be some tension as Iman and Troy planned their wedding. After Iman’s grandfather became sick things got a little more interesting. I loved the tension of Iman’s quest and the beauty of the garden. I’m dying to know what happens next so I’m off to read the final installment!

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Emily is a true believer in magic and that is why she is passionate about writing fantasy romance. She is also obsessed with such paranormal phenomena as levitation, déjà vu, spook lights, the sixth sense, time slips, mysterious disappearances, and astral travel. She spends at least one hour meditating each day to communicate with her guardian angels so that she can come up with great story ideas.

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