Review: The Bewitched Family

The Bewitched Family
Iman’s Journal #2
by Emily Flowers

A tough battle between the wizards and the witches is ahead!

When Iman meets Troy’s family, his mother comes across as really sweet and kind in the beginning. However, Iman sees beyond her fake smile and senses there is something sinister about this family. She decides to investigate and the more she finds out, the more she puts herself and Troy in danger.

Standing by is not an option. Iman must confront the dark force head-on or humankind is doomed. The spell book and the wizard’s wand are ready. A duel is inevitable. But that also means Iman may lose Troy for good …

What is Troy’s mother up to? Is there hope for humanity? Will Iman be able to protect the love of her life?

Buy now and let the battle begin!

Rating & Review

3 out of 5

Iman and Troy have graduated and started a life of their own. It was interesting to see a twist on meeting the family – a magic showdown with serious ramifications if Iman loses. I liked the added action and tension in this story, but it was hard to get fully into it. (Some of the word choices were a little awkward). Overall a fun way to pass a few hours. Onward to book 3!

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Emily is a true believer in magic and that is why she is passionate about writing fantasy romance. She is also obsessed with such paranormal phenomena as levitation, déjà vu, spook lights, the sixth sense, time slips, mysterious disappearances, and astral travel. She spends at least one hour meditating each day to communicate with her guardian angels so that she can come up with great story ideas.

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