Review: The Red Diamond

The Red Diamond
Iman’s Journal #1
by Emily Flowers

She is a wizard. He is a normal human. She knows that these sweet moments will soon be just a dream.

Iman has respected and obeyed her grandfather Charles and his teachings all through her young life and for this reason Charles trusts her to always be responsible and keep the wizard code of conduct close to her heart, especially the ruling whereby a wizard can never fall in love with an ordinary human. He even gifts her a magical red diamond to keep all humans away from her.

But Troy is so irresistible. This science nerd is the hottest guy in class, and Iman is happy to be scientifically examined by him. Whatever it takes, she wants him! Nothing can hold her back, not even the red diamond!

Charles is not your typical grandfather. As the chief wizard, he is not someone you can easily outwit. Will Iman be able to keep him in the dark about her relationship with Troy? What price is she going to pay for breaking the code? What mystical power does the red diamond hold?

Rating & Review

3 out of 5

This was an interesting story. I wanted to like Iman, but I found it difficult. I didn’t hate her, I was just kind of ambivalent about her. Furthermore, I liked the premise of the story, and I think with a little polishing it would be a great story. A quick read, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in book two.

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Emily is a true believer in magic and that is why she is passionate about writing fantasy romance. She is also obsessed with such paranormal phenomena as levitation, déjà vu, spook lights, the sixth sense, time slips, mysterious disappearances, and astral travel. She spends at least one hour meditating each day to communicate with her guardian angels so that she can come up with great story ideas.

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