Review: Darkness Rise

Darkness Rise
by Carynn Bohley

Sospes is the only magic-free civilization in Mysticus. People with supernatural abilities—known commonly as wielders—are banished upon discovery.

Kydessia Swift, daughter of the current mayor and descendant of the city’s founder, has a secret: The forces of nature are hers to command.

Following a betrayal, Dessie finds herself being cast out of the only home she’s ever known. Now vulnerable to the wild creatures beyond Sospes’ border, she must journey to the one place she knows where she’d be accepted.

But the trees have been whispering of a rising darkness. Peace might not be as easy as she thought.

Will Dessie’s path lead her into danger, or will she reach her safe haven?

4 out of 5

I really enjoyed reading this. The world is unique, and the characters are well-developed. The story keeps you turning pages, and it’s easy to love Kydessia right off the bat. She’s the opposite of what you’d expect from the mayor’s daughter, and that’s not a bad thing! She’s down-to-earth, has magic that she hides, and prefers to not embrace the popularity that comes with being the kid of the man who runs the town. Not only that, but she’s very relatable, and you’ll get so wrapped up in her story that you’ll lose track of time. Definitely recommend.



Carynn Bohley is a teenage author who spends her free time journeying to fantasy worlds, whether they be of her own creation or other writers’. Her favorite place to go is Middle Earth, where she stalks orcs and admires the noble Thorin Oakenshield.

Her biggest dream is to make a world that people can fully immerse themselves in, dream about, and journey to just by holding a book. She has published two Amazon short reads (Precipice, Bailey), as well as a YA novella (Dear Jackson).

When she isn’t battling dragons or journeying across the shire, Carynn is hanging out with her four wacky siblings, parents, and her animals. These include a dog (Willow), two cats (Milo, Luna), two guinea pigs (Tibby, Juniper), a flock of chickens, and four turkeys.

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