Review: The Bright Series 1 and 2

The Bright Series 1 & 2

Holiday Romance

by K D Elizabeth

Welcome to Bright, Vermont, where the snow is swirling, the nights are long, and the fires cozy. But like many small towns, Bright has more than its fair share of drama in this steamy holiday romance series.

I met my soulmate in the bathroom.
The MEN’S bathroom.No stalls were available in mine. I’d be in and out before anyone noticed.
Except someone walked in.And, oh, he was so gorgeous.
Four months later we moved in together.Two years later I can’t imagine living without him.He’s the love of my life, to the absolute bottom of my heart.
So why are we breaking up?
The Christmas Cadeau has NO cheating and a happily ever after!

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4 out of 5
The Christmas Cadeau will make you smile. The way Max and Laure met had me giggling, and you just know from the start they’re meant for each other. Despite being a novella, you’ll fall in love with both before the end. Cute, quirky, sweet, and a quick read, this is a little splash of holiday spirit.

Jessica Reynolds hasn’t taken a vacation in five years. But when her tyrant of a boss forces her to take two weeks off—or else—right before Christmas, suddenly visions of beaches and piña coladas are dancing in her head.
Unfortunately for Jess, her family has other plans for her vacation. Before she can escape to Bermuda, Jessica’s mom has guilted her into coming home to run her injured sister’s booth at a Christmas market. Now, instead of sunshine, cocktails, and scantily-clad cabana boys, Jess finds herself back home in sleepy little Bright, Vermont—with no sun in sight.
After fleeing Bright eleven years ago, the last thing Jess wants is to be stuck shivering for days selling her sister’s nuts—roasted chestnuts, that is. Especially when it becomes clear that her family could have ulterior motives for Jess coming home. Motives that might just include the sinfully attractive, but arrogant newest acquaintance of the family.
But Jess’s family doesn’t know about her struggles at work, struggles that threaten to erupt in Bright. Will Jess dare to reach for the life she’s always wanted, or will this be her final Christmas in Bright?

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4 out of 5
The Season Bright is sweet. Jessica and Ethan are adorable together. It’s like watching a Hallmark movie unfold (even if they aren’t crazy about each other at first). The Christmas week market sounds like the perfect magical place to fall in love. A great quick read to get into the holiday spirit with loveable, quirky characters that you’ll be cheering on.

About the Author

K.D. Elizabeth is the owner of the popular Bookified Etsy store, which sells love letters from fictional characters to customers all over the world. She splits her time between Pennsylvania and New Hampshire (which has the best lobstah rolls EVER) and has traveled to over twenty countries.