Review: I Jonathan

I Jonathan

A Charleston Tale of the Rebellion

by George WB Scott

A stranger from Boston is marooned in Charlestonjust as the Civil War begins. His relationships with working men and women, slaves, merchants, planters, spies, inventors, soldiers, sweethearts and musicians tell the story of a dynamic culture undergoing its greatest challenge. 
Jonathan’s adventures include the bombardment of Fort Sumter, the last great Charleston horse race, the Great Charleston Fire of 1861, the Battle of Secessionville, visits to the North Carolina mountain homes of wealthy Low Country planters, a run through the Federal Blockade, a visit to the raucous boomtowns of Nassau and Wilmington, battles of ironclads and monitors, the Battle of Battery Wagner (made famous in the movie, “Glory,”) and an encounter with a Voo-Doo conjure man. His story documents the hopes and struggles of a young man making a new life in a strange land in a time of war and change.


4 out of 5

I Jonathan is a well-researched interesting story. First, don’t go into this looking for a hero who champions the down-trodden and fights slavery. A young (northern) man, who by a twist of fate gets stuck in Charleston during the civil war. His inner dialogue is quite compelling, and makes him seem like someone you could sit down and have a chat with. Scott’s writing style is reminiscent of some of the classic writers (like Dickens), and while I was worried the story would be dry, I found I didn’t want to put it down I was so wrapped up in it.

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About the Author

George WB Scott is an East Tennessee video producer and videographer with a life-long interest in the causes and events of the Civil War. His years of research on this topic are the basis of a story of Jonathan’s personal journey through one of the most interesting and important regions of the South. Scott was born in Stuart, Florida, and is a cum laude graduate of Appalachian State University. He lives with his wife Mary Leidig in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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