Review: The Fergus

The Fergus by Tori Grant Welhouse
Young Adult Fantasy
In the mystical Highlands of Scotland, Rork, missing his beloved gran, wakes up with the ability to hear voices. And not just any voices. Fantastically Rork can hear voices of the dead, which lead him to a charismatic banshee and a colorful near-death survivor. The three are bound together in a time-tested banshee tradition with perhaps a side-goal or two. In the course of their adventures, they are pitched into an otherworld of before-death, after-death and in-between-death.The Fergus will appeal to fans of ghost stories, parallel universes and life-not-being-how-it-always-seems as in the worlds created by Laini Taylor, Stephenie Meyer or Helene Wecker.
5 out of 5

The Fergus is an engaging story. I’m not sure what I was expecting honestly. I never really got into the Twilight series like a lot of my friends, so I sort of thought this would be a nice read, but not something that would blow me away. Was I ever wrong! I was drawn in from the first place, and being a big fan of all things fae, I was practically screaming at Rory to be careful as he followed the call of the banshee. Highly recommend, for adults young and old.
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About the Author:Tori Grant Welhouse is a poet and writer from Green Bay. Her most recent poetry chapbook Vaginas Need Air won Etching Press’s 2020 chapbook contest. Her YA paranormal fantasy The Fergus won Skyrocket Press’s 2019 novel-writing contest and will be released Summer 2020. She is an active volunteer with Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets.